Open Source (PHP / Ruby / Python / …)

Open Source has been quietly making its mark. Five years from now, the product you are building most likely will be replaced by an open source alternative. In the long run, as more and more libraries and mature frameworks become available, the barrier to entry to make a new open source product or use open source in an enterprise application will pretty much be non-existent.
Deployments will become easier and the Cloud ecosystem will provide easy to install platforms. Any dearth of high quality, usable open source tools, is rapidly being fulfilled by innovative developers and shops that contribute to the community as well.

Our solutions include :
• WordPress websites and application development and deployment
• Build, deploy and host custom applications
• Ruby and RoR Application design, develop and maintain
• Custom programming in PHP, Ruby, Python or Perl
• Webservice Server / Client development and integration
• Integrate with 3rd party service such as Shipping, Map, Text or Email
• Backend development for Mobile applications
• Database design and development : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
• Set up and maintain source control: Git, cvs, rcs

Creatus offers open source solutions along with their great flexibility to control the project as well as the cost. We can take sole ownership of the project, or can cooperate and execute fluidly alongside your existing team. Our Chennai, India facility has been in operation since 2002 and can support offshore development, Application maintenance and Quality Assurance and testing for clients worldwide.

At Creatus Inc. we offer high quality software development infrastructure, processes and personnel. Creatus looks to offer the best return on investment in a shorter time frame. The team is very skilled in open source and can address a variety of needs faced by the clients.