IoT Platform

Creatus through an exclusive relationship makes available the unrivaled IoT Platform of Boodskap. Boodskap is a comprehensive end-end downloadable technology platform that enables us to quickly connect any number of hardware devices and to rapidly build connected applications in a cost efficient manner.


Its a Horizontal Accelerator Platform (HAP) and Data Distribution Platform (DDS) where we can easily customize subsystems and components using the inbuilt modules to create intelligent product/solution from design to operational very QUICKLY (INDUSTRY agnostic).Launch pad for all IoT needs. Reduces the Complexity in Integrating & Managing any NUMBER of Devices of any KIND (DEVICE agnostic). In-built machine learning algorithms TensorFlow, OpenCV, WEKA, more than 70 classifications to build and train models. Easily create web and mobile applications using the Dashboard & Mobile studio editor by drag and drop of UI widgets. Mobile Application development is made EASY, the Platform bundles with IOS, Android and Web 2.0 (AJAX) editors where the user interfaces can be dynamically built and published. Helps in consolidation of mobile development RESOURCES. Built in notification module for pushing alerts and notification to channels like, SMS, Voice, Email, FCM/GCM. Bringing in a new channel is effortless and modular. Using the robust Rules Engine, complex business and system logics can be DEVELOPED and tested and deployed on the fly without needing a development IDE environment. Platform has numerous integration components through which we can interact with third party applications / software / hardware for greater INTEROPERABILITY.Gives customer the FLEXIBILITY to host the platform in anyplace of their choice (CLOUD agnostic).

Contact Person: Alicia Turoski
Ph: (248) 254-4022