Cloud (AWS / Azure / Oracle / Rackspace)

Cloud computing is the best way to increase your capacity or address your IT needs on-demand. You can accomplish all this without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software. It’s true! Everything has moved to the cloud. This makes your data and applications easily, securely and remotely accessible by your users anywhere and anytime.

The benefits of cloud computing are:

• Scalability – Cloud computing offers flexibility i.e., effectively scale and streamline the company’s existing IT infrastructure and resources up and down as needed. The cloud gives the flexibility to purchase as much or as little computing power as needed.
• Mobility – Increase in mobility allowing organizations to use cloud services and access information anytime, anywhere.
• Versatility – Cloud provider’s capabilities are available over the network and can be accessed through standard mechanisms by both thick and thin clients.
• Measured Service – Different parts of the cloud service are controlled and monitored by the cloud provider. This is crucial for billing, access control, resource optimization, capacity planning, and other tasks.

The Creatus team has successfully deployed multiple applications in various flavors of the Cloud: AWS, Azure, Oracle and Rackspace. We also currently help support and maintain several applications in the Cloud for our customers.

Our state of the art development center equipped with high speed data and voice communication allows for rapid lift-and-shift cloud migration. Project managers with excellent management skills and a strict adherence to process add another vital dimension to our success in managing such outsourced projects.