Quality Assurance

Have that Mobile App or New Infrastructure that needs to launch on a very tight schedule?

No one has considered how to qualify a new product that an external team is about to deliver?

Various factors such as miscommunication, programming errors, time pressure, changing requirements could result in your application having several bugs.

We can assist in a structured and organized manner to qualify your App or Infrastructure and enable a smooth and successful launch.

We work with our clients to translate the organization’s vision and commitment to quality into a framework of structured processes and tools that that will support these goals.

Years of expertise are brought to bear to determine optimal tools and processes for best outcomes:

  • Demonstrable cost savings in terms of shortened project duration
  • Improved quality
  • Decrease application life cycle times and increased development speeds

Expertise in several skills over multiple projects that included Black box, White box, Unit testing, functional, integration testing, Load and Stress testing, Usability testing, & Test Automation.

Experience in formulating strategy, writing test plans, test specifications and test scripts. Expertise in manual as well as automated testing using open source, custom developed and licensed tools.